"Paula Hobbs and Pop-Decor,
a Creative Combination for Interior Decorating"



A home is a masterpiece, a work of art, a blank canvas ready for the touch of an artist. 

Interior decorating is an art and the interior decorator is the artist. More than placing the right accent, beyond cleanliness, interior decorating creates a mood for each unique space. Places where one can be comfortable, filled with enjoyment. A true professional blends the taste of the homeowner and the unique style of the home. A creative eye for detail brings the elements together in a pleasing, want to show off, work of art, known as your home. Paula Hobbs is a professional Austin Interior Decorator with the heart of an artist.

Getting Started with Paula, the Interior Decor Artist:
The initial consultation is where she begins to work her magic. Her approach to any project, big or small is to work in collaboration with the homeowner, starting with the consultation. Hobbs works for two hours, bringing suggestions and muscle, to highlight the best in every space of the home. During this time the client can evaluate the merits of Hobbs' work, determining if she is right for the home. The initial visit is where Paula Hobbs reveals her years of experience and artistic skills, placing furniture and accents just right, adding touches of color and opening up space, all within a couple of short hours. Once the consultation is complete, the client can choose to continue the relationship or not, Hobbs understands this process.

Austin's Premier Interior Decorator

To schedule your $150 2/Hr no commitment interior decorating consultation, to see if Paula Hobbs is the right fit as your Austin Interior Decorator "Artist", please visit her website www.Pop-Decor.com.
Her various services are listed on the site as well.

Interior Decorator Austin Texas, Paula Hobbs

Pop-Decor offers a variety of services for most every sized home and budget.

I make home decorating look easy!

Pop-Decor has several interior decorating services to select from, starting with a simple color consultation. Nearly infinite color combinations are possible. One of the skills that separates Paula Hobbs from other decorators, is her innate ability to find the perfect combination, matching a base color perfectly with accents, creating a fresh look. She works well with colors suggested by the client, making subtle suggestions to enhance the idea. A new home move in has its own challenges, those who have experienced it know how stressful the process can be. One of the services offered by Pop-Decor is a new home move in package. Paula eases the tension, assisting in the multitude of choices confronting a new home owner. On the other end are those needing to downsize or blend the furnishings of two families. Hobbs with compassion, expedites a smooth transition. Accessorizing may be all that is necessary for a home to look new again. The right accessories makes a big difference, the accessory package may be an option for a simple remodeling project. Paula offers a professional shopping service, finding the best deals from a wealth of resources. 

Paula Hobbs is your INTERIOR DECORATOR for Austin Texas (TX)

Her prices are reasonable and affordable, to fit within any budget.
Whether it is a simple consultation for the right color scheme or a complete remodeling project,
Hobbs is capable of handling all aspects of interior decorating.


Paula Hobbs, Austin TX Interior Decorator video.


Paula Hobbs successfully works with all scales of decor projects from large estate homes to small loft apartments.

Paula Hobbs treats every home, every space as a blank canvas. Interior decorating is an artistic skill not every one possesses. Paula is an artist of extraordinary talent. She delights in bringing this skill to a home, creating a one of a kind space to be enjoyed with friends and family. She does all this in collaboration with the customer, not forcing her concepts over the wishes of her clients. Hobbs has a compassionate heart, understanding the various needs of homeowners. She knows how to work with million dollar mansions as well as simple single family dwellings. Her approach to the business is fair, reasonable priced, professional and creative, a tough combination not seen in most interior decorators.

Paula Hobbs and her Pop-Decor company in Austin Texas have a knack for highlighting the best features of a home, finding the hidden gems. She delivers a unique blend of creativity and compassion to each project. Hobbs is the preferred decorator of real estate agents and sellers. Her affordable pricing brings her wealth of talent within reach of most homeowners. Paula Hobbs is a premier Austin TX Interior Decorator, worthy of a consultation, a stress free method of choosing a creative professional. Her creative approach brings a fresh new look to any home regardless of size.

Schedule your $150 2/Hr no commitment interior decorating consultation on her website
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My Interior Decorating skills vary to compliment most all decorating styles.

I will do a geat job for you as your Austin Interior Decorator Traditional or Modern Decorating, Austin Interior Decorator
Interior Decorator of Austin Texas MANY Austin home owners have complimented their homes with my decorating skills.
A good Interior Decorator has to be a great artist of Decor. Interior decorating is an art and the interior decorator is the artist.